Harcourts Team Group Awards

harcourts team group awards

Harcourts Team Group End of Year Awards

On Friday night we held our 2021-22 Harcourts Team Group end of year awards, celebrating the fantastic results achieved by our team over the past year. After an incredibly varied year within the real estate market, it was great to acknowledge all that was achieved despite the changes and challenges thrown at us. With our team working across 12 offices throughout the region, it’s always special to get together and celebrate each others successes.

Throughout the evening, the awards were presented, and our winners are listed below. Amidst the awards ceremony, we also had the chance to catch up with each other, celebrate our wins, and then the night ended with some dancing. It was a great night all round, and we thank our sponsors for helping to make it happen.

A special thanks to one of our sponsors, Showhome, who took the incredible photos of our award winners throughout the evening.

Overall Champions:

1. Paula Ritchie
2. Scott Ledger
3. Gavin Faulke
4. Erin Rush
5. Paul Butcher
6. Donna Everton
7. Ray Marshall
8. Tony McEwan
9. Andy Cooling
10. Celia Barnao
11. John Donnelly
12. Jenny Butterworth
13. Annemarie (AM) Janssen
14. Gael van Hattum
15. Julie Hurley
16. Di Austin
17. Tamaris Livera
18. Talitha Lowis
19. Mike Maurice
20. Jane Park

Top Auction Listers:

1. Paula Ritchie
2. Gavin Faulke
3. Scott Ledger

Top Tender Lister:

Scott Ledger

Top Exclusive Lister:

Donna Everton

Top Rural Salesperson:

Tony McEwan

Rising Star:

Magno Vieira

Top Commercial Salesperson:

Lisa Durrant

Manager of the Year:

Tony Fitzsimons

Good Sorts Awards:

– Therese O’Sullivan
– Debbie Turner
– Nigel Soloman
– Matt Sisson

Office Champions:

Wellington City:
1. Erin Rush
2. Gael van Hattum
3. Di Austin

1. Paul Butcher
2. Annette Smith
3. Nicky Cooper

1. Julie Hurley
2. Anna Peacock
3. Lorraine Moleta

1. Frances Knowsley
2. Margaret Lindsay

Lower Hutt:
1. Celia Barnao
2.John Donnelly
3. Mike Maurice

Upper Hutt:
1. Mike Ledger
2. Lee-Anne Walker
3. Polly Forrest

1. Paula Ritchie
2. Gavin Faulke
3. Andy Cooling

1. Talitha Lowis
2. Andrew Fanning
3. Chris Marshall

1. Ray Marshall
2. Paul Templer
3. Trina James

1. Tony McEwan
2. Peter Thomson

1. Donna Everton
2. Jan Sparrow
3. Lorraine Rankin


All round outstanding effort throughout the year:
Georgia Burmo

Top Letting Agent:
Brianna Billing

Top Property Manager:
Brianna Billing

Top BDM:
Kate Shiels-Reddin

Mortgage Express

Top Referring Office:
Wellington City

Top MX Mortgage Referring Salesperson
1. Jane Park
2. Erin Rush
3. Julie Hurley

Top Performing Mortgage Adviser for Team Group:
Jenny Cheevers

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