Pricing Your Property

We want people to see the true value of your home, and pricing your property is a crucial first step in this process. It’s about the quality of your potential buyers rather than the quantity, which is why we help to guide you through what can otherwise feel like a guessing game. It’s a fine line between listing too low and buyers not seeing the value, ad listing too high and not getting enough interest. Our experts will help you to navigate these concerns, as we have the intimate market knowledge and expertise that will ensure we get you the best results.

Selling your home is a big process. Our goal is to make it as simple and seamless as possible

Why Auction?

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Achieving Maximum Value

We are dedicated to your success. Selling by auction means that buyers do not set unrealistic expectations of what they think they should pay, as they have no price listed to guide them. Auction therefore increases the potential to gain the highest value possible.

Selling On Your Terms

Selling at auction doesn’t mean you don’t get a say in the auction room. In fact, the final word is always yours. Working under your guidelines, our auctions are conducted with a reserve price in place that removes the possibility of underselling. If bidding on auction day doesn’t reach this minimum price, you are under no obligation to sell and we can then work on alternative processes to get you the highest value.

Staying In The Auction

With traditional selling means, negotiations may occur with you very much on the sidelines. However with auction, you’re directly in on the action. Sitting in the room amongst potential buyers and bidders, there are no secrets, surprises or stress.

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Your Timeline, Our Process

We work to your timeline. Our auction process allows you to find a period that works for you, and have an end date insight. Eliminating the unknown, we work on your terms to achieve your desired result.

Value Over Price

Our goal is for buyers to focus on what the property has to offer. Your price goals become ours, and we won’t sell your property until you’re satisfied with an offer in front of you.

Paperwork Completed Prior To Auction

An auction sale is simple, definitive and unconditional. With all buyer due diligence completed prior to auction day, you will have a clear understanding of who is bidding and for how much when the day comes.

Learn What Buyer Will Pay

Regardless of the outcome within the auction room, the process remains a valuable aspect of selling your property. The lack of a successfully signed contract on auction day doesn’t mean failure and doesn’t mean that your property’s reputation is lost. Armed with the knowledge of how much your buyers are willing to pay, and without having advertised your list price, we can move forward to create a successful outcome for you. Our work will never end on auction day – it will end when your property is sold. We want the very best outcome for you, and will therefore be alongside you every step of the way.

Pre-auction Preparation

There are multiple steps involved in the process to prepare for the auction, many of which take place prior to the property going live on the market. You will be provided with all of the necessary information to ensure that you’re fully aware of the listing schedule. We dedicate ourselves to the sale of your property through the following processes.

1. Reaching Buyers

Our goal is to reach significant numbers of valuable buyers. With the most viewed real estate website in New Zealand combined with our tailored digital and traditional marketing schedules, we stand out from the crowd. We work hard to get more eyes on your online listing and more people through inspections, to achieve our end goal of having willing and able buyers in the room on auction day.

2. Showcasing Your Property

We want all potential buyers to have the opportunity to really get a feel for your property. Generally conducted twice a week, open homes are widely advertised and allow your property to be shown to all interested groups.

3. Staying Informed

Communication is crucial to getting you the right result. Your agent will contact you regularly throughout the listing process, to ensure that you are informed of the marketplace and the interest in your property. You will also meet with your auctioneer to discuss what may happen on the day, and how to make this work best for you. We take your decision to sell your home very seriously, and endeavor to make the experience as seamless as possible for you.

4. Delivering Feedback

All information regarding your property, market value, and customer feedback will be provided to you. We believe that being informed will help you to feel more confident in the decisions you’re making.

5. Offers Prior To Auction

Although you can choose to list your property as ‘not selling prior’, pre-auction offers can provide some valuable insight. Highlighting the true value of your property, they show who your serious buyers are and what they are willing to pay. If an offer is made that is acceptable to you, we can leverage the date of the auction to achieve a more successful result.

6. Any Further Questions?

If any part of the selling process raises questions for you, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Auction Day

The auction will take place in one of our auction rooms, depending on which office you list with. Your agent will have followed up with any potential bidders, allowing them to inspect the property a final time and ask any further questions. On auction day, buyers will be supported by Harcourts agents to ensure that they understand the process and that everything runs smoothly.

Both our auctioneers and agents are experts at the auction process, and you can rest assured that they have everything under control within the auction room. After all of your hard work and cooperation, this is time for you to observe buyers publicly compete for your property. While we’d love for you to be there to watch this happen, we understand if you either can’t or would prefer not to be present. Regardless, we can ensure that you are kept up to date, as you also have the option of being present on the phone or watching our live stream to watch the magic happen.

Post Auction

We acknowledge that listing by auction does not always guarantee a successful sale on auction day. This certainly doesn’t mean that your property or the auction process has failed. We have processes to put into place to help you see the sold sign soon – you’ll just need to hang tight and trust your agent and their expertise.

The auction process will help you to gauge buyer feedback and gain a true understanding of your property’s true value, something that cannot be achieved through appraisal opinions by other agents. If several buyers remain interested after the auction, we can resume negotiations. Otherwise, we can select an alternative selling method and list your property with a competitive price, to help to see a successful sale.

Our job is to sell your property, and we will continue to work closely with you and potential buyers until we see a result using both our expert knowledge and our tried and tested practices.

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