Welcome to the Family – Alex Mulholland

Making the move to a new kind of selling in Wellington City

If you live around the Brooklyn area, this real estate consultant might become a familiar face. Alex Mulholland is the latest addition to our team at Harcourts Wellington City, full of excitement for his new beginnings in real estate.

Previous roles as a chef and retail manager helped Alex to develop some key qualities that he knows are useful to his new line of work. As a people person, he can get on with those from all walks of life. Subsequently, he builds trust and rapport with everyone he meets. Through his role as a manager at a successful retail store here in Wellington City, Alex’s team saw great success and set high standards within the company. These achievements are a testament to his determination, his ability to see things through and his goal-driven nature. In this new role, he strives to achieve success for his team and his clients.

Despite being told for many years by friends and clients alike that he would excel as a real estate consultant, it wasn’t until he helped to find a buyer for his mother’s home that he really fell in love with the idea. Shortly afterwards, a client put him in touch with Antonia Brown, sales manager in our Wellington City Office. As he says, “the rest is history”.

Alex Mulholland Brooklyn real estate consultant

Alex loves the vibe of Wellington City. Born and bred here, his knowledge of it and the surrounding areas is extensive. Currently partnering with Vinay Kumar, their presence may be particularly noted in Brooklyn. You might have seen their faces in your letterbox, around the neighbourhood, or maybe even on your doorstep. Of Vinay, Alex says that “his confidence is infectious and his experience is incredible”. They both bring different skills, passion and individual experiences to the table, forming a strong team. Specialising in Brooklyn allows Alex to focus his area of expertise as a real estate consultant. This means that the service to his clients is unmatched, with an in-depth understanding of the area on offer.

Spending the last couple of months really getting stuck into his work, Alex acknowledges that there are challenges that come with finding your feet in a new career. Although his first listing is yet to come, he finds that celebrating the small wins is important. Others in the office cheering him on alongside him is something he is grateful for.

We’re excited to welcome Alex to our team, as he brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and new ideas. Welcome on board!

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