Welcome to the Family – Madel Rigonan-Quayle

Lower Hutt’s latest real estate specialist

There is only a small handful of real estate consultants in Wellington who can offer their clients a bilingual service in English and Filipino. Madel is proud to be one of them. Her fluency provides her with further opportunities to better communicate with clients. This is just one of many strengths that make her a welcome new real estate consultant in our Harcourts Lower Hutt team. 

Coming from a background in market research, she loves to work with people, for people, and get to know people. Her previous work has involved investigating issues, fighting for New Zealand consumers, and really getting to know the sentiments and situations of people from all walks of life. These client focused roles have given her the ability to tailor her service to meet anyone’s individual needs.

Having recently bought her first home, Madel is able to sympathise with those currently going through this process. She both acknowledges and truly understands that this process is often gruelling. Currently, it is particularly difficult to find “the one” with the low supply and high demand affecting this market. 

Throughout her house buying journey, she dealt with a wide range of real estate agents and companies. As a result, she was led to the beginning of her career with Harcourts as a real estate consultant in Lower Hutt. 

Due to the genuine nature of the communication, she believes word of mouth is the best way to meet people. Highlighting the importance of feeling reassured, Madel believes that choosing an agent based on recommendations from someone you know and trust is a great way to feel more confident through what can be an emotional journey. 

Committed, enthusiastic and energetic, Madel is well prepared to help her clients through their real estate journey. Success for her looks like seeing any job through from start to finish. This involves working hard to ensure that both the vendors and purchasers are fully happy with the completed deal. She loves to stay in touch with her previous clients. Checking in on them well after the sale or purchase of their property highlights her truly genuine care for people. 

Buying or selling real estate is one of life’s biggest milestones. Madel therefore finds that having integrity, strong communication and negotiation skills and being reliable are critical to providing quality service. Through this, she is really able to make a difference for her clients.

Madel is excited for her future within Harcourts Team Group, where guidance from colleagues is helping her to establish herself. Located in our Lower Hutt office, Madel offers exceptional local insight as a real estate consultant throughout the region. If your real estate journey takes you through the Lower Hutt area, her advice is invaluable.

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